What is Chiropractic?
Chiropractic is a branch of the healing arts and as a science is based on the idea that good health depends in part upon a normally functioning nervous system.

Body structures such as the heart, lungs and kidneys function by the impulses carried through nerves.  When these nerve impulses travel uninterrupted, the lungs, heart and cells of the body are able to function normally.  When there is an interruption, the tissues on organs cannot function properly and a state of pain in the body may begin to take place.

What does a Doctor of Chiropractic do when a patient comes to the office for the first time?
All doctors use a standard procedure of examination to diagnose a patient’s condition in order to develop a plan of treatment for that individual.  Your Chiropractor uses the same methods of consultation, case history, physical examination, laboratory examination and x-ray examination.  In addition, he provides a careful Chiropractic examination.  The examination of your spine is what makes Chiropractic different from other health care procedures.

Why Does the Chiropractor emphasize examining the spine?
Your chiropractor is primarily concerned with the spine and how its function with the nervous system will affect many important body functions. He or she knows that a misaligned vertebra can cause terrible pain in the neck, back and legs.  The Doctor of Chiropractic is especially skilled in treating problems such as a slipped disc and other back disorders.  Your chiropractor can also treat conditions of the knee, shoulder, elbow, hand, foot joints as well as injuries resulting from automobile accidents.

What are some ways that cause the spine to move out of position and cause problems to the nervous system?
Stress, falls, tension, sports Injuries, automobile accidents, lack of sleep, improper diet or any other factor may cause a displacement of a disc and cause irritation to nerves and cause severe pain and discomfort.

What does the chiropractor do when he finds any type of interference to the nervous system?
Rather than prescribing potentially harmful drugs or surgery the chiropractor makes an adjustment to the spine.  What this means is your chiropractor detects misalignments of the spinal column where nerves are being interfered with and gently puts the vertebra back into its normal position so healing can take place.

This procedure is fast and painless. It is important to note that by doing this the chiropractor is getting to the cause of the problem.

Medical doctors normally treat the symptoms of the patient, however, chiropractors adjust the spine to correct the cause.

Can a Chiropractor treat every problem?
We believe that no one type of doctor can or should treat everything.  The competent doctor knows when to refer to a surgeon, or to a heart specialist, or to an optometrist, podiatrist, dentist or other specialist.
The Chiropractic Doctor is also a specialist in treating many conditions… and he does it without surgical cutting potentially harmful drugs.

Do Chiropractors have the latest instrumentation and therapy devices which are often helpful for neuro-musculo-skeletal problems?
Your Chiropractor has at their disposal advanced techniques and equipment in modern x-rays, laboratory and diagnostic instruments.  They also utilizes state of the art physical therapy modalities which greatly enhance the healing process.  Thoroughly trained and skilled in orthopedic and neurological procedures, they will examine and diagnose you to determine what may be causing your body not to function properly.  If the problem is one for which chiropractic treatments are applicable, they will recommend a course of treatment.

Is Chiropractic care useful for children?
The consideration of Chiropractic care for your child is reasonable and logical.  Proper spinal care is just as essential to your child’s health as proper care.

If someone is involved in an auto accident should they immediately go to a chiropractor/doctor?
Most definitely!  The trauma that the body sustains when involved in a car accident usually causes muscle pain and displacement of multiple vertebra.  It is extremely important for anyone involved in an accident to have a spinal examination so that the Chiropractor can immediately locate the problem areas and begin treatment to adjust the spine back into its normal position.

Too often people first go to their attorney or insurance company to settle legal and financial matters.  However, it is the doctor’s office which should be the priority because your health and health of your loved ones is more valuable and precious than anything else.

The sooner treatment begins to correct the nerve pressure, the faster healing will take place.

How long does it usually take to get well with chiropractic care?
After receiving a careful examination and adjustment to remove the nerve interference the patient is often freed of the symptoms.

It is natural for the patient to think they are well, but this is usually a hasty conclusion, as there is more to the illness than pain.

The patient should ask themselves why did I get sick in the first place?
What brought this problem on?

Chiropractic science teaches that we should try to determine the underlying cause of the problem and correct it rather than trying to remove the symptoms and have you think you are well.

How long it will take to actually get well depends on many important factors such as age, weight, duration of the condition, living habits, occupation, family predisposition and patient cooperation.  Your Chiropractor will suggest a program designed to get you well in the shortest possible time and then show you how to stay healthy.