Svetlana D.

My name is Svetlana and I have recently had treatments done at this center. I came in with a major low back spasm to the point where I could barely walk or move. It took the staff 3 visits to get back to normal me again within 1 week! Everyone was so nice and helpful there. I want to thank the whole staff including Amy (office manager), Nailah (the therapist), and of course Dr. Schulman (chiropractor) for their help! I highly recommend this center, you will not regret your choice!

Amanda E. on 1/17/2018

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Schulman.

I had an accident a couple of months ago, and was nervous about seeing a chiropractor. I saw a massage therapist, which was only partially helpful.

After dealing with the pain for weeks, I finally decided I needed a chiropractor. With no idea where to start, I took to Groupon. I was fortunate enough to find Dr. Schulman, with stellar reviews and right in my area.

I called the following morning and the front desk got me scheduled the same day. Dr. Schulman was very thorough and knowledgeable, and took his time talking to me during the consultation. He offered me other treatments in addition to the adjustment, but in no way did I feel pressured at any time. However, I did ask to do the ultrasound treatment, as I was desperate for relief.

Although I was nervous about the adjustment, I felt that I was in good hands. The doctor took his time, was very professional, and explained everything he was doing along the way and why he was doing it. It was a very good experience.

I did not feel pressured to return at all and there was no hidden costs when I was checking out at the front desk. I will definitely be returning for future treatments and will be recommending Dr. Schulman to any of my friends that need a chiropractor.

Thank you, Dr. Schulman!!

Jeremy B. on Nov 18, 2017

I have been dealing with some chronic back pain for a long time and recently woke up in terrible pain. I came to Biscayne Chiropractic as it had a convenient group on deal and I must share that I am very pleased. Dr. Schulman is very helpful,knowledgeable and experienced. Just after a few sessions my pain has diminished consistently and I am much more energized during the day.

Linda J. on 4/9/2015

Dr. Schulman and his staff are wonderful. They create a warm and inviting environment for their patients. My father and I started treating with Dr. Schulman about 25 years ago and I am still presently treating with him. As a patient, client and consumer of any type of business, whenever I receive phenomenal and consistent excellent service, I will not go anywhere else. Dr. Schulman is an industry expert within the Chiropractic field.

Martha J. on

Dr. Randy Schulman and Evelyn (hope that’s how you spell it) is amazing! I have been going to them since my accident which happened about 2 months ago. Dr. Schulman was the first doctor to call me back and make sure that I was okay. He explained the situation, made me make my own decision (without any pressure like other doctors when medical claims are involved) and was super friendly. Of course I immediately chose him. I did not choose him based on reviews because he had none lol. I just looked up chiropractors in my area and emailed them and I got a call from him :-). When I went there I explained to him what happened. However, even before I explained where I was hurt, he automatically knew from my posture. I got my first treatment from him that day and from then on 3 times a week, based on my schedule. He sets up other appointments to make sure that I am not injured (of course he’ll ask you if that’s okay with you and the reason why he would like for you to see one). So I went to see another doctor as well to back up the claim that my neck and lower back was really hurting me. The therapy they provide is great…ultrasound, heating pads (very relaxing), adjustments done by Dr. Schulman. My neck is better, I can turn my head and move around. My lower back is still in pain but I am getting better and with more therapy I know I will be fine! Dr. Schulman explains everything, answers all your questions and also is very attentive to what is bothering you. He goes by the book! I would highly recommend him! I mean just set up an appointment with him and he’ll answer your questions and then you decide. You won’t be disappointed!